Dancing with the sky

Due to the Covid 19 crisis, the sky has suddenly become very dark for aviation, worldwide. But keep in mind how beautiful the sky can be. No matter how dense the fog is, we always find our way. And no cloud is thick enough that we can not fly through and meet the sun again on the other side. Take care and see you soon!

Flying the Q400 for LUXAIR

This is the video I created (June 2019) to motivate potential candidate when LUXAIR decided to launch the AB Initio program…


This is my latest movie, created using the best sequences I shot during the last years.

Music by Thomas Bergersen – Empire of Angels

Approach and Landing in Innsbruck, Austria

One of the most amazing approaches I have ever flown. Downwind leg is just above the mountains. A few minutes later, we are established on final. Still have to overfly these snow covered slopes before diving into the valley on a 4 degree glidepath. Hard to believe that somewhere in this valley, below this thick cloud layer lies an airport…