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You will find on this website the best aviation photos I took since I started flying 14 years ago. I upload on a regular basis the new photos I take. But to stay tuned, you can follow me on Instagram or on facebook, or subscribe to my youtube channel where I upload the photos and videos as well. I have now several hundreds of pictures so to find the ones you are interested in, you may browse the site per category, click on a tag or type a keyword in the search function. Use the contact page if you want to leave me a few words…

Enjoy the visit, and may these photos convince you to achieve your dreams!


Saturday morning flight to Nice

Cannes vue du ciel - Mycockpitview

We did not get the usual routing via Monaco, but flew over Mandelieu before getting vectors for the VOR B runway 04L. It was nice to get a change and get this wonderfull sunrise view over Cannes. (Gopro 5 screenshot from a 4K video)

Cap d'Antibes vu du ciel - Mycockpitview

Shorlty after, we were established on final descent, flying along the Cap d’Antibes.(Gopro 5 screenshot from a 4K video)

Décollage de Nice - Mycockpitview

And about 45 minutes later, flying out of runway 04R, back to Luxembourg. (Gopro 5 screenshot from a 4K video)

London City by night

London City Airport by night - Final runway 27 - Mycockpitview

Final runway 27 at London City Airport, on a crystal clear night. That’s the view we discovered breaking out of the clouds. Definitely in the top 5 of the Luxair destinations.

Massif du Mont Blanc

Overflying the Alps is always something magic. Here is a view of the Massif du Mont Blanc on a crystal clear day.

Massif du Mont Blanc, mycockpitview

Q400 on final approach, Innsbruck – Austria

In the heart of the austrian Alps, Innsbruck is an amazing place. Pilots need a special training to be able to operate to/from Innsbruck, due to the high terrain around and special approach and departure procedures. This is where the Luxair Q400’s undergo their C check. Those pictures are from my second flight there, in January 2018. For my first flight, I did a video of the approach and landing that you can see here. One of the most beautiful approach I have ever flown…

Q400 on final approach, Innsbruck - Austria, mycockpitview

Q400 on final approach, Innsbruck - Austria, mycockpitview

Q400 on final approach, Innsbruck - Austria, mycockpitview