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Welcome to mycockpitview

You will find on this website the best aviation photos I took since I started flying 14 years ago. I upload on a regular basis the new photos I take. But to stay tuned, you can follow me on Instagram or on facebook, or subscribe to my youtube channel where I upload the photos and videos as well. I have now several hundreds of pictures so to find the ones you are interested in, you may browse the site per category, click on a tag or type a keyword in the search function. Use the contact page if you want to leave me a few words…

Enjoy the visit, and may these photos convince you to achieve your dreams!


Dancing with the sky

Due to the Covid 19 crisis, the sky has suddenly become very dark for aviation, worldwide. But keep in mind how beautiful the sky can be. No matter how dense the fog is, we always find our way. And no cloud is thick enough that we can not fly through and meet the sun again on the other side. Take care and see you soon!

Above the Alps

With the area of high pressure over Europe right now, that’s the office view we had today on our way to Venice. Mountains as far as the eye can see…

Flying the Q400 for LUXAIR

This is the video I created (June 2019) to motivate potential candidate when LUXAIR decided to launch the AB Initio program…

What a view on Luxembourg City !

My last approach for 2018 was as well one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. The sun, low on the horizon hitting the tall buildings of Kirchberg, while the fog fills up the valleys… 😍 Luxembourg

Sunset over Luxembourg City Mycockpitview

Cumulonimus clouds

Rainbow in the sky, Mycockpitview

Cumulonimbus cloud over Germany, Mycockpitview

If they sometimes can be challenging from an operational point of view, Cumulonimbus clouds are always beautiful to observe, be it because of a lightning, a rainbow or amazing colours at sunset.

Saturday morning flight to Nice

Cannes vue du ciel - Mycockpitview

We did not get the usual routing via Monaco, but flew over Mandelieu before getting vectors for the VOR B runway 04L. It was nice to get a change and get this wonderfull sunrise view over Cannes. (Gopro 5 screenshot from a 4K video)

Cap d'Antibes vu du ciel - Mycockpitview

Shorlty after, we were established on final descent, flying along the Cap d’Antibes.(Gopro 5 screenshot from a 4K video)

Décollage de Nice - Mycockpitview

And about 45 minutes later, flying out of runway 04R, back to Luxembourg. (Gopro 5 screenshot from a 4K video)